Living on Video (covers)

A celebration of the fantastic artwork from video tapes. Sensational to artistic or just simply charming. Let these great artists' work not be forgotten by means of my 400dpi scans.

Or something.

An apology

There’s been a significant lack of updates lately. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy with my band and other things. I hope to resume doing this in the near future though. Promise.

Hot to Trot (1988) Warner Release


hotrot tajpg

It may not be rated very highly on the imdb but that doesn’t stop it being worth money. Last time I sold this it went for £14 + £3 postage (roughly). So I was pleased to see it again when I bought it. I got it alongside the last couple of uploads. All of them were bought from the first charity shop I went in when I was in Derby.

My what a hillarious joke they have on the cover…

Right that’s all I’ve got time for tonight. I’m off to watch American Ninja 2 now. Micheal Dudikoff is my double you know. (Ahem, cough)

Lanzarote tourism tape (age unknown) Datan films release


lanza ta

Why on earth did I buy this? I bought it when I bought the Fury of the Dragon tape. Something just appealed to me about the idea of buying an old tourism tape. Plus it had a nice bubble case which I could always steal for a more valuable vid if necessary.

I may decide to watch it at some point to see what it’s like. Or maybe not. Who knows. Not my most exciting upload but I hope you appreciate it anyway…

Variety is the spice of life as they say. Whoever THEY are.

Fury of the Dragon (1979) Entertainment In Video release

fury dragon

fury dragont

It’s undoubtedly worthless as it’s available on DVD for pennies but I couldn’t resist it when I saw it. I can’t resist any cheap EIV stuff with the stripey covers. It was only about 20p anyway.

So it’s not really a film as such, just a few episodes of the Green Hornet tv series stuck together.  Still Bruce is always good for a few quid, right? Even if you hire a particularly crap artist to portray him on the cover. Though the artist has got a rather excellent action pose for the Green Hornet there on bruce’s right.